Within the project, sponsored by ERASMUS+ (KA2 strategic partnership – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices), a training program (open online and blended learning courses) for above mentioned topics will be developed. Additionally, trainers will get qualified to produce e-learning contents without a skilled team of authors, to adapt existing open contents in order to meet specific regional requirements and to work with it.

Working with ICT based methods and matching didactical methods should be promoted and expanded.

Following goals shall be achieved with SOLA:

  • Training for established “class room trainers” to work with ICT and the related pedagogical and didactical methods in diverse contexts and to create and adapt specific e-learning contents.
  • Setting high quality standards for e-learning contents, webinars and classroom settings merged in blended learning concepts
  • Development to open e-learning contents. These contents will follow the specific standards that all project partners agreed on.
  • Development of handbooks and manuals for trainers to use in blended learning settings (e.g. how to assist the self-learning process of students)
  • Increasing trainers' international mobility and exchange as well as organizations' communication, cooperation and exchange of experience and know-how.
  • Giving learners the opportunity to learn self-paced in ICT-based learning methods with contents that are designed for a specific area in the particular language needed.
  • Development and implementation of high-quality curricula and learning modules on Sustainable Tourism to be published as OER
  • Introduction of open badges and ECVET/ECTS to acknowledge learning achievements
  • Involving the tourism industry and major stakeholders (employment service, social partners) in the project.